Monday, 11 September 2017

Cloud Collection: Stratus Launch by Zarko

I recently had a chance to catch up with perfumer Zarko Pavlov, with whom I'd previously met during his last release of- Zarko Serums. (Link to the Oud Couture serum, if you feel like smelling like me on the day) If you haven't had the pleasure of smelling one of Zarko's perfumes, there is one thing you should know: Pavlov mixes perfumery with molecular science. As the future wife to a BSc- we're both fascinated by the bespoke effect created by the reaction of the perfume's molecules and an individual's pheromones.

Wearing: Dans La Vie Rira Sugawara jacket, Giorgio Armani dress, Oscar De La Renta blouse, Marni shoes
Accessories: Saint Laurent sunglasses, Gucci beret, Pandora earrings
Scent of the Day: Zarko Oud Couture Serum
So lets talk about the new Cloud Collection. Stratus is the first scent in the series, a floral/woody perfume contrasting the light and dark accents- just like a stratus cloud. (Shocking, I know.) The perfume has two phases- when still, they settle into visible layers as the top part is clear and the bottom's a vibrant coral. Pavlov advised everyone to shake well before using, and he shook it until it became a milky consistancy- which I can't seem to photograph all that well- but trust me it was magical. (And even more so with the whole of London as a backdrop)

Enough about the appearance, lets talk about the scent. It smells the beach. The Nordic beach. The beach next to the woods. The crazy coconut lady in me smelled the coconut, pineapple, light jasmine, and wet wood. The wood notes then turn to leather, which in turn end at a natural/earthy smell on velvet. The only way I can describe it is getting lost in the beach and wandering about the forestry nearby. And if you know anything about Zarko, I'm guessing that's exactly what he did.


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