Monday, 23 January 2017


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Someone needs to tell January to stop, because this has been the longest month EVER. As I began to write this, my fiancé was watching the weather forecast and was honestly stunned when he remembered that Spring was just around the corner, you know, the one after all the upcoming snow? I've been travelling a lot this year, so I feel like I've been missing out on all the good weather, and have been so jealous of all my friends' Instagram posts. They're either skiing around like the snow bunnies they are, or already getting started on their year round tans in Tulum.

Travelling so much, puts your life in perspective, and gives you some serious lessons in time management. Trying to figure out the right balance between work, friends, and family, has been something that I've been struggling with for years. One of the biggest lessons that works for me is to separate my work and home environment. This needs to be both mentally and physically, and often means taking the time to become more disciplined with the amount of work that gets brought home.

If you're like me, and work from home, you become a stricter person in order to section off an area to become your work zone. Worse still, you have to force yourself to be more organized in order to stop any workload spreading throughout your house. I find that being able to close off your sanctuary makes it easy to schedule time with other people, but most importantly, yourself.

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