Friday, 23 December 2016

How I found My Perfect Foundation Match with Cover FX

 How I found My Perfect Foundation Match with Cover FX How I found My Perfect Foundation Match with Cover FX
Finding a foundation match is pretty much the bane of my existence, trying to find a match for my Olive undertones is nearly impossible. Any foundation shades come off looking too pink, too cakey, and even the closest matches (too neutral) often leave wearers with a muddy greyed face.

I'm so excited to be teaming up with Beauty Bay and Cover FX to share how I found my perfect match.
Beauty Bay
Cover FX makes it easy to find the match for you, by using only two factors: shade range, and undertone. Additionally, Cover FX shades are completely consistent across all of their formulas, meaning that your shade will be the same throughout their products.

Step 1: So let's break down the shade range
Light: 0-20
Medium: 25-40
Medium Deep: 50-85
Deep: 90-125

Keep these numbers on the back-burner as the next step of foundation matching. Where does one match their foundation? Most people say to match it to their jaw/ neck. For reference, my bare face shade is a quite easily an N40 and matches my neck perfectly. However, as someone whose skin is every colour of the beige rainbow, I find this helpful for spot treating, but not for full face coverage.  So that should be the perfect match right? Well, the colour matches my face but not the tones in my body, making my foundation shade _40, which brings us to undertones:

Step 2: Match your undertones
P- Pink matches rosier, cooler hues
N- Neutral is equal parts pink and golden
G- Golden is for warm golden skin
G+- It's Golden+ for the warmer and more golden hues

Here are Beauty Bay's top tips for finding your undertone:
For the P Series, think Julianne Moore, Adele or Emma Stone.For the N Series, think Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Beyonce andJennifer Hudson.For the G Series, think Lucy Liu, Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez.For those with ebony skin, choose a shade within the N series.
If you're still unsure, a tried and tested formula for checking out undertones is to look at the veins on your forearms. Veins with a green tinge to them have warm, golden undertones, and a blue tinge suggests cooler tones. My veins are so green that I had no problem identifying them as Cover FX's Golden range.
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