Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Nailed It- Margaret Dabbs London

From left to right: Banksia, Poinsettia, Plum Rose, Gebera Daisy

 Ana Maddock- Margaret Dabbs London- Banksia
Margaret Dabbs Banksia
Taking inspiration from its namesake's brown flower cones, Banksia is the perfect nude polish. I find Banksia's golden undertones to be the perfect nude colour for medium to olive skin tones. The polish mimics the change in autumn leaves as it can go from a creamy beige to a matte gold depending on the light.

 Ana Maddock- Margaret Dabbs London- Poinsettia
It contrasts my usual brick red with its cooler blue tone, giving a more grown up appeal to red nails. Poinsettia has a high gloss finish, and dries slightly darker than it paints on. As the name suggests, Poinsettia is the quintessential holiday red. The consistency in this formula was slightly runnier than the others, but the change is so minor that you get used to it on the first nail. I have every intention to wear this colour all year round, especially around Christmas.

 Ana Maddock- Margaret Dabbs London- Plum Rose
Plum Rose
This was the first colour I opened up, as I was so excited to try it out that we forgot that the range was scented. We actually looked around to see if my fiancé came to the office to surprise me with a bouquet of flowers, as the subtle rose scent filled the area around me. I actually wore Plum Rose for a week before photographing my nails, the colour is highly pigmented- only needing two coats, as opposed to the usual three I have had to give to similar dark colours.

 Ana Maddock- Margaret Dabbs London- Gebera Daisy
Gebera Daisy
The Gerber Daisy often has a black centre which fades into the colour of the petals. I was so nervous to try Gebera Daisy, as I had been searching for that jet black, salon quality, ultra glossy, all singing all dancing polish for the longest time. As soon as the dark inky blue hue slid onto my nails for that first coat, I knew that the search was over. The second coat of course got rid of any sign of the blue beneath it and pretty much turned my nails into obsidian.

Final note: The shots above were taken using natural light, and without a top coat. Margaret Dabbs has a top coat, but for the purpose of this post, it was important for me to show the final colour, and natural finish.

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