Monday, 3 October 2016


As Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, it has come to my attention just how crazy this last week has been. Travelling aside- oh, this is going to be one of those "I'm engaged" posts, I have been planning a whole week of bridal preparations. Some of you may have watched me attend one of the biggest bridal events in the London calendar, on Instagram, so here's a chance to see a little bit of my week.

I wanted to start off by giving a huge 'Thank You' to The Blogger Programme ( for being so sweet and sending us a #TBPgiftbox, in order to congratulate us on our engagement. I love seeing people receive presents, so without further ado, I'd love to tell you more about my amazing goodies. (Rollover the image for brand names, or keep on reading below for more details.

TBP Gift Box by The Blogger Programme
Confetti is a fantastic destination for brides and grooms-to-be, giving the newly engaged access to online forums, as well as priceless information, tips, and inspiration. For those who are looking for presents with a personalised touch, I would recommend their online shop ( for anything wedding related, be it bridal must-haves or wedding favours. The first items I received were a customised mirrored jewellery box, matching compact mirror, and a matte black travel bottle. I'm using all of these items, and having these items monogrammed or having my name engraved, has made everything a lot more special. Get your inspiration from their website and Instagram at and 

We love personalised items, Fen and I have been crushing on The Letteroom ever since we received these amazing paper lanterns from them. Everyone who knows us, knows that most of our stuff is actually customised/monogrammed/ or in some way personalised, so it meant a lot to us to discover a brand that is so in tune with us. Some items that are currently in our baskets are the Test Tube Vase, and various planters... swoon!

The eye-catching lettering on the right hand side comes straight from Gee Brothers Printers, I was lucky enough to have been sent a sample wedding pack to mull over their elegant designs. As someone who took over three months to pick business cards, I've been on the look out for our wedding stationery since before our engagement. Gee Brothers has made the search infinitely easier as we found a lot of their classic designs to be quite clearly a good match to our style.

If we had the pleasure of meeting during the last couple of days of Paris Fashion Week, chances are you saw me wearing the half band bracelet by Joshua James Jewellery. This is probably the piece that I have worn the most from this Gift Box, as it is the piece that most matches the vintage inspired style I love to show off in Paris. I love the way the shimmering half band wraps around my wrist.

Speaking of shimmering, My Jewellery Story was incredibly generous as they sent me the most sparkling jewellery featuring Swarovski® Crystals. I made a small video on my Instagram story and got an overwhelming response, so thought I'd take the opportunity to give you the links: Bella Statement earrings (these are the drop-earrings), Fidelity earrings, and the oh-so-gorgeous Fidelity bracelet.

If you think you have it together, I challenge you to order a personal care kit from Pinch Provisions and tell me that you're still calm. I'm someone who constantly over plans things, and was shocked when I found the solution to all the emergencies I was not prepared for, in a tiny little golden pouch. Go ahead and get yours at and give them a follow on

As someone whose feet have been spectacularly swollen the last couple of weeks- Thanks, fashion month!- I stopped what I was doing the second I spotted these bridal slippers from Pretty You London. We've been so busy that we never really got the chance to have a "We're getting married!" moment, and stopping for a minute to lotion up my feet, and put on some comfortable socks, beneath these plush slippers was exactly what I needed to finally get in a bridal mood.

Not pictured, is the Pillows and Poetry date night from Just Us Box... that's a story for another day.
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