Thursday, 4 August 2016

Burlingham London

I'm taking the Burlingham London pre-sale date as an opportunity to give you a small introduction to the brand. Burlingham London gives a contemporary variation on British heritage. Their Burlingham crown is a throwback to the 1829 gold sovereign used at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race, and their pieces are inspired by tweed fabrics. Their pieces are designed in a way that is completely unique to Burlingham, while still maintaining a classic look about them. Burlingham London has partnered up with Cool Earth so that all of their watches help to protect 200m2 of the Rainforest.
Burlingham London Confluence 03 (39mm)
I really wanted to capture the dial’s colour, it is a light silver with a hint of gold that almost reaches a pale champagne. The dial features sharp rose gold markers, matching the rose gold casing, and the buckle perfectly. If you are someone who obsesses over the hardware as much as we do, you will find that Burlingham pays a lot of attention to their branding details- so when one looks at the buckle, they’ll see the same engraved logo as the one on the stem.

When you look at the materials you find that they perfected the combination for classic and functional. The brown leather strap stretches over 246mm and is thick enough to minimise tell tale creasing and wear while still staying comfortable. The glass is made of scratch resistant Sapphire crystal with a double anti-reflective coating. The notch markers are on the outside of the watch, with the numbers written on the inner circle. It’s a small detail, but the minimal font along with the “00’ as opposed to the “12” at the top of the watch reminds wearers of the modern aspect of the brand.

The combination of the old and the new is apparent throughout and most of all, I really like the versatility of the watch. Tell me how you'd wear yours, and get £40 off your Burlingham London watch using the discount code: "ANA1", available for pre-sale now at
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