Wednesday, 8 June 2016


 Ana Maddock- Talking Tables- Homebound
Ana Maddock- Talking Tables- Homebound One of my favourite things to do as soon as I get back is to go back home to see my family. I grew up in Kent and try to never stray too far from it. So we made our way down to the train station and hopped on the train for just under an hour before we got down to the Medway towns.
 Ana Maddock- Talking Tables- Homebound
First look: Reiss blouse, Tous necklace, Choked by a Thread choker, Primark hat, Tiffany earrings.
Second look: Zara blouse, Sekonda watch (available from, jewellery as before.
Come the summer, my parents pride themselves on making the best barbecues, the only catch is that the dude and I have to set it up. Since my mum is such a beach babe, and we've been spending a lot of time in Greece, I thought it was only appropriate to get as much of a coastal setting in as we possibly could in such a green garden.  Ana Maddock- Talking Tables- Homebound
 Ana Maddock- Talking Tables- Homebound
John Lewis tablecloth, vintage gold and brass bells, Talking Tables 'Coastal' decorations- available at (
Aren't these festoon lights everything? Fen and I freaked out as soon as we saw them- with hindsight it was mostly if not solely me cooing over them, but we're both very much into the whole beach living, tranquil lifestyle. We've been looking at Talking Tables ( for a lot of our decorations.
 Ana Maddock- Talking Tables- Homebound
You can see we love their Coastal range- you can shop the range here! and we're also looking at their Carnival Fiesta range for the games in Rio, and Modern Metallics range for some upcoming house warming parties.

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