Wednesday, 29 June 2016


 Ana Maddock- Bernice-Chi Chi LondonWe're finally at the high point of wedding season, and as much as I'd like to rely on that little black dress, there are only so many occasions you can go to before you get to a themed wedding, or a formal event. I teamed up with Chi Chi London ( to show you a dress that would be appropriate for the day or night time.
 Ana Maddock- Bernice-Chi Chi London
Chi Chi London Bernice dress.
 Ana Maddock- Bernice-Chi Chi London
I was fortunate enough to come across the 'Bernice' dress by Chi Chi London, and thought it was jaw droppingly beautiful, and oh-so-easy to wear. In march, I made a post about some of the things that I'm looking for in a dress, and mentioned my love for an inky hue at a wedding. If there are any brides out there looking for some bridesmaid dresses, I would recommend this one as it is so pretty, or keeping in the same vein with the Amara, Saskia (available in curve), Tamar (available in curve), Gem, or Lunar dress.
 Ana Maddock- Bernice- Chi Chi London
The Bernice dress is now available at
 Ana Maddock- Bernice-Chi Chi London
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