Monday, 16 May 2016


 Ana Maddock- Vita Valentina
In this line of work, it's easier to show you some glamourised version of what's really going on- yet here we are, in my back garden, watching me try on a dress straight after having lunch. I'm currently packing a suitcase for some private time away in Greece, so I debated as to whether or not to post this considering how much better the 'background' will be in a couple of days.
Ana Maddock- Vita Valentina
Chi Chi London 'Valentina' dress, Accurist London watch.
So, just in case I don't get the time or internet access to tell you a little bit about it during my trip, I've just received the 'Valentina' dress from Chi Chi London. (You may remember them from my previous posts) I've yet to style it for an evening look, but would add some black leather slip ons, and this simple black watch from Accurist- currently on sale at for an easy day time look.
 Ana Maddock- Vita Valentina
Vitastik 'Calm'.
Also, carrying on with getting myself back to better health by adding some extra vitamins into my daily routine. VitaStik is a nicotine-free Vitamin Vaporiser that comes in five different, but all naturally obtained, flavours. I like to start my week with 'Calm' (vanilla and green tea) to ease myself into Monday morning, and then reenergise myself with the refreshing mint/cherry flavour of 'Grace'- that's the gold one you see all over social media.  Each VitaStik provides you with up to five hundred drags, and can simply be disposed of afterwards.
 Ana Maddock- Vita Valentina
For more information on VitaStik, find their content online at, and Instagram.
The Valentina dress was provided to me by Chi Chi London, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Ana For more information on Chi Chi London follow them on their official website:, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
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