Monday, 2 May 2016

Nügg Beauty

This week I'm teaming up with Nügg Beauty to show you how finding the formula for a smooth and clear complexion has never been easier. The first step was to stimulate cell renewal with their exfoliating mask.
Nügg Beauty Exfoliating Face Mask.
Gently massage the product on your face for thirty to sixty seconds. Then leave it on skin between five and ten minutes. Feel free to apply a second generous layer, the mask comes in a single-serve pod in order to protect the product from any oxidation. Dead skin cells are gently removed by the Jojoba beads and L-Lactic Acid, which refines and tightens pores. The formula is enriched by precious oils such as: cranberry seed oil, grape and linseed oil, as well as aloe juice and olive, to condition the skin. This face mask glides on to skin like a smooth gel, resulting in nourished, hydrated, smooth skin.
Get the Exfoliating Face Mask here.

Courtesy of Nügg Beauty.
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