Monday, 9 May 2016

Home Comforts

 Ana Maddock- My Jolie Candle Nügg Beauty
Getting to travel is always a perk of the job, I've come across people in the industry who are able to adjust in every new environment and some needing to bring their entire bedroom along with them. Most of us are able to get by without some home comforts for a small amount of time, but when one gets asked spend more than a week or month in the same place, it becomes important for them to begin to turn that space into their space. For me, some home comforts definitely come in the form of familiar smells and keeping regular skin care regimes.
 Ana Maddock- My Jolie Candle Nügg Beauty
My Jolie Candle Red Berries, Nügg Beauty Revitalising Face Mask.
This red berry candle from My Jolie Candle is so refreshing and such a modern classic that I always have to have one burning. The best thing about it is that a pretty little surprise is revealed as the candle burns. This Swarovski crystal bracelet was a welcome addition to my jewellery box, and is so dainty that it can be stacked with other pieces.
 Ana Maddock- My Jolie Candle Nügg Beauty
I've been using Nügg Beauty's pods for the last two months and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. My skin gets incredibly dull while travelling so I like to use their revitalising flaxseed and peppermint oil face mask for an instantly awake look. Their single serve pods are the perfect travel carry-ons, making their way from my home to the hotel bathroom. (Or mini fridge for an extra invigorating treat.)
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