Monday, 14 March 2016

The Perfect At-Home Manicure

A makeup artist friend of mine once said that the glossiest lips start with matte lipsticks. So after trying to paint my own nails for the umpteenth time, I decided to see if this matte to glossy stance was transferable, and it was.
Rimmel London Salon Pro 397 Beige Babe.
You must start with the cleanest canvas possible so it is essential to buff and file nails before adding a moisturiser or oil- I swear by and always travel with Susanne Kaufmann's Nail Oil. However, I've recently been introduced to Rimmel London's Nail Nurse collection and have been trying them out in order to strengthen my nails. Right now I'm obsessed with Rimmel London's Nail Nurse Base and Top Coat 5 in 1, which has replaced my usual base coat.
After the base coat it's time to add a single coat of your favourite Salon Pro shade. No. 397- Beige Babe is my ultimate transitional colour, I don't really vary between nudes or dark colours on my nails, since they seem to go with everything, so this dark neutral was a must.
After the first coat is done, add Rimmel London's Matte Finish mattifying top coat. Wait for it to dry and then add a second coat of Salon Pro, it should be gliding on since the matte layer underneath gets rid of any imperfections.
To finish I like to add Rimmel London's Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Top Coat for a super glossy finish, it prolongs colour intensity and can last up to ten days.

If you're looking for your perfect nude, look no further than to Salon Pro by Kate's new Nude collection:
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