Wednesday, 30 March 2016


There's a certain kind of look you get when you're constantly travelling. I once labelled myself as a 'wanderer', but after a while even those wandering develop a uniform. Whether you're jet-setting for work or sightseeing in your own city, I've found that balancing comfort and simplicity are the way to go. When it comes to travelling, I like to disguise tired eyes with sunglasses, my favourite pair du jour is the 'Kirkpatrick' double bridged aviators from Hindsight Vintage. They have a dark tint, a black and gold frame, and that sliver of tortoiseshell that I can't leave the house without.
Hindsight Vintage 'Kirkpatrick' sunglasses, Kaytie Wu earrings, Uniqlo jumper, Calvin Klein parka, DKNY silk scarf.
I've been wearing these tiny hoops from Kaytie Wu ever since I got them. In the last couple of months, I've accessorised every look with my ring, dainty jewellery, and a classic timepiece.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Spring's Rain

A little rain never hurt anyone.
 Ana Maddock- Spring's Rain
Burberry trench, Tibi off-the-shoulder top, Primark hat, Kaytie Wu earrings.
 Ana Maddock- Spring's Rain- Kaytie Wu
We got off the tube at South Kensington and walked the long tunnel until we reached the museum, we spent approximately four seconds outside and got soaked in the process. As pretty as London looks in the sun, there's something a little more natural about seeing it in its natural state of rain. Luckily, I don't go anywhere without my trusty trench coat, or a uniform consisting of an oversized shirt and waxed jeans, so I was relatively waterproof. For jewellery, I added some mini hoops from Kaytie Wu a jeweller specialising in the modern minimal aesthetic, and my Elie Beaumont watch. 
 Ana Maddock- Spring's Rain
Guess waxed jeans, Nine West bag, Elie Beaumont watch, Clarks boots.
Congratulations to the two babes that got married yesterday, walking into a room and being surprised by the people you love celebrating their love for each other is inspiring, and how we should spend every day.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Perfect Leather Jacket
A good leather jacket is a staple in most wardrobes. Chances are, you already know the colour and texture you're going for. I bought a thin leather jacket about two years ago, and found my perfect summer leather. Collar styles are constantly changing, but nothing beats a classic lapel. When it comes to hardware, it's better to choose one that will match your jewellery, or at least feel comfortable enough to mix metals. Having a jacket with too many details will date badly, instead opt for a classic and flattering fit. It's important to know what kind of fit you want your jacket to have, for me it's either a shrunken tapered back which gives it a biker shape- perfect for short girls, or an oversized off the shoulder boyfriend jacket.
H&M jacket, Burberry blouse, Vintage Chanel bracelet, Guess waxed jeans, Topshop Chelsea boots, Maison Michel hat.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Shenandoah Caverns

 Ana Maddock- Shenandoah Caverns Rainbow Lake
Once Shenandoah Valley's best kept secret, the Shenandoah Caverns were discovered by two young boys and their dog, in 1979. They were hunting rabbits, when they saw air coming up through a hole in the ground. The two boys climbed down with nothing but rope and some candles, and stumbled upon one of the most magical places in the world. The Caverns opened their doors in 1922, boasting seventeen rooms each varying in crystalline formation styles. Popular favourites include the "Bacon" formations, Capitol Dome, Grotto of the Gods, Diamond Cascades, and the Rainbow Lake- which made my jaw drop in awe. I spent a good time looking through the postcards, but couldn't find one to capture all of its beauty.

Monday, 21 March 2016


Tip-toed my way into Spring, and found the perfect clear frames.
Ana Maddock- Hindsight Vintage Emery
Vintage embroidered dress, Next sandals, Hindsight Vintage 'Emery' sunglasses.
Today I'm wearing the Hindsight Vintage 'Emery' sunglasses, aka the clear frames of my dreams. I've been on the hunt for a good pair of clear glasses/sunglasses for a while now, and hadn't been able to find any until I saw them in gold/pink. (Go on, have a look!) I don't know what it is about them, whether it's the iconic clubmaster shape, or the light pink hue that somehow added some sort of colour to my face, but they're currently perched at the top of my head and the first thing that's in my bag.
 Ana Maddock- Hindsight Vintage Emery
If you're a fan of this timeless frame, you HAVE to see Hindsight Vintage's 'Hume' frames, they're available in classic black and tortoiseshell, and have gold pin detailing in the corners just like the 'Emery' style. Swoon!
 Ana Maddock- Hindsight Vintage Emery
Guess bag, Elie Beaumont 'Oxford Large' watch.
I've been on this vintage dress for quite a while and hadn't worn it sans tights until today, I love the embroidered sleeves and I'm having some doubts about whether or not to hem it so it becomes a shirt. At the moment I'm really into flouncy sleeves and cuff detailing, especially when worn with minimal styling like the black 'Oxford Large' watch I'm wearing by Elie Beaumont.
 Ana Maddock- Hindsight Vintage Emery


Friday, 18 March 2016

The Boyce

So we've all gone on that shopping spree with the desire to get a decent pair of vintage shades only to leave with THE perfect pair, right? No? Let me introduce you to your new favourite sunglasses range Hindsight Vintage, you're going to see a whole lot more of them here, since I finally found them. Oh, and not just one pair, three- but come this summer, you might find me in all fourteen styles, available exclusively to ASOS.
 Ana Maddock- The Boyce- Hindsight Vintage
Hindsight Vintage Boyce Round sunglasses, Elie Beaumont Large Oxford watch, vintage crochet dress.
Each pair can be found at £20, with 5% of their profit going towards charity. So you're not just getting a sick pair of shades but also supporting genuine vintage, and sustainable fashion. Check out the whole range on the Hindsight Vintage ASOS page and fall in love with their unique styles from the seventies through to the nineties.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Keeping Time with Elie Beaumont

 Ana Maddock- Keeping Time with Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large Black Nappa Leather
 Ana Maddock- Keeping Time with Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large Black Nappa Leather
 Ana Maddock- Keeping Time with Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large Black Nappa Leather
Nowadays, I find that there's nothing quite as valuable as downtime. During the last month of fashion I like to set some time aside -aiming for at least an hour in the morning and half an hour at night, but mostly getting fifteen minutes here and there. I try to keep a regular schedule to try and keep an aspect of sanity, and always try to gain new perspectives. Some of my favourite things to do are to relax and create.
 Ana Maddock- Keeping Time with Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large Black Nappa Leather
One of the things that has helped me this year, has been noting down the things that keep me inspired, and keeping time. The precious time I have right now is so valuable to me, and I don’t go anywhere without my Elie Beaumont Large Oxford watch.

Shop my look below:
 Ana Maddock- Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large- Black Nappa Leather Ana Maddock- Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large- Stone Grey Nappa Leather Ana Maddock- Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large- Burgundy Nappa LeatherAna Maddock- Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large- Camel Nappa Leather  Ana Maddock- Elie Beaumont- Oxford Large- Navy Nappa Leather

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Easter Bunny

Eagerly awaiting the Vernal Equinox. This weekend leads the rebirth of the Northern Hemisphere, as the frost turns to dew and the green emerges from fresh soil. I'm leaving the dark of Winter for the light of Spring. If you need me you can find me underneath the Cherry Blossoms at St. Paul's.

Drop-by the house it's full of daffodils.
 Ana Maddock- The Easter Bunny- Maison Michel, Fever Collection 'Sophia' Wig, Kylie Cosmetics 'Posie K' lip kit
Maison Michel Bunny Ears, Fever Collection 'Sophia' Wig,  Kylie Cosmetics 'Posie K' Lip Kit.
Had so much fun shooting for this platinum look. I've always wanted to go blonde, but many hairdressers have tried and failed at making my hair any colour lighter than dark brown. So I skipped past the pain and slipped into the blonde 'Sophia' wig by Fever Collection, it has long layers, a natural looking shine, and is heat resistant so it can be styled like your own hair. If you don't remember my last post about Fever, they are an amazing lingerie brand that also do wigs, costumes, body-stockings/hosiery, and eyelashes that vary from everyday natural looks to neon feathered Coachella vibes. At the moment you can find either the lace or polka dot bodystocking in my shopping basket to go under this cute khaki jumpsuit I got last winter; and the fishnet dress to go either under a body-con dress, or a plain white tee and denim cut-offs this summer.

Get 15% off at Fever Collection with the code: PLAY15, only available at

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Your Weekend Look

Is Tuesday too early to plan what you'll be wearing this weekend? Rent the Runway is giving you the opportunity to rent one, and get two free! Choose a four day rental between the delivery Wednesday 23rd- Sunday 26th March 2016, and use the code: 3FOR1BLOOM16. To redeem, simply enter the promotional code at checkout.

Here are the top ten dresses to get you excited for Spring:
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