Thursday, 5 November 2015


Luzz Accessories 5 arrow ear jacket, TK Maxx lace blouse.
A couple of years ago, I ditched my standard teen wardrobe in favour of mostly vintage items, consisting of 60s shift dresses, and enough leopard print fur to recreate Warhol's factory. Then came a wave of fitted Victorian lace blouses- each silkier than the next, always paired with a leather trouser and statement heel. My twenties have (so far) been more about being comfortable when travelling, and a couple of months ago, I managed to grab a great find in this blouse from a local TK Maxx. The oversized fit and rough silk texture make this blouse easy to wear. The lace overlay around the collar is pretty and very feminine, but easily be toughened up with some ear jackets* with five arrows by Luzz Accessories. They come with a stud front, an arrow shell and a standard back, so the earrings can be worn in two ways: the first being as a statement making ear jacket, and the second being worn as minimal gold studs.
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