Thursday, 26 November 2015


We had the best time visiting Lugano, it was my first time there so we tried to make the most of it. Unfortunately, we had the longest week and took our time off as a chance to unwind. Walk alongside the water and skim stones.

Antagoniste 'Ghost Garden' scarf, Hedrena skivvy, O by Oscar sunglasses, Luzz ear jackets, Michael Kors watch.
I wore a merino wool turtleneck from one of my favourite Aussie brands Hedrena. They are a family owned business from Geelong, Victoria and have sourced their wool locally for the last 23 years to create a superfine merino knit titled 'Hedramerino'. Some people don't really like wearing merino on the sensitive skin around their neck, so I brought along my 'Ghost Garden' silk scarf from Antagoniste*, you may have seen me style their stuff during the last couple of weeks (if not click through the tag here)- and I have to admit that this scarf is probably one of my favourite items by them.

Fenech and I both brought coats and jumpers with us but we didn't really need them until sundown, then we just layered up and retired to The View, where we relaxed for the rest of the evening.

H&M jacket, Guess bag, Clarks shoes.
We debated on whether to get a cable car to get around the pre-alps that surrounded us. Instead we decided to take the time to stroll and walked through Via Nassa and Via P- one of the best streets to shop in Lake Lugano, and get some coffee at one of the many cafés nearby Piazza Riforma. If there's one thing I have learnt about Lugano, is that they do not mess around when it comes to cup sizes- you have been warned!

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