Monday, 12 October 2015

The Balm

Vintage Moschino hat, H&M tweed motorcycle jacket, Shein jumpsuit*, Old Navy jumper, Dune ankle boots, handbag from a Spanish market.
The last week has been more or less jam-packed and there's nothing quite like being comfortable straight after fashion week. This jumpsuit has been in my wardrobe for just over two years, and is always in my suitcase due to its versatility. Jumpsuit shopping can be the worst experience for a short person, so I like to go to vintage shops- because in my experience people used to be smaller, have clothes tailored- a pricier option but something that has my highest recommendations for fancier items, or use sites like Shein - which cater primarily to smaller sizes for fast fashion.

It's never too early to start preparing for dull winter skin. When it's still warm outside I make the most out of the dewy skin trend, and take the opportunity to use one of my favourite on-the-go products: Sephora's Divine Oil, which can be used as an all over oil (hair, face, and body) and smells amazing! But we all know that's not what my skin is doing right now. That's because shooting a secret project was on today's agenda. Featuring a 'sweaty' take on the dew we've become accustomed to in the last few seasons. Oh, and by 'Sweaty' I mean the post work-out dew that's in between glossy and sneezed on by fairies.***
...And because you're not entirely sold yet, there's some sweaty inspo here, here, and here(Images courtesy of Google Image Search)
***Edit: I just read this and kept it in because this sort of nonsense is what comes out after a lot of shows, showrooms, and destinations.
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