Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Stephen Einhorn Press Night.

Photo source: Stephen Einhorn on Instagram.
Einhorn's brand is beautiful, classic, and unmistakably rock 'n' roll. If you've been online you have definitely seen his designs all over Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. So it made sense for the shop to relaunch with bright clean lines and opulent details- dark glossy wood beams, gold wall accents, and bedazzled bangle chandeliers.
Between the iconic jewellery, champagne and quintessentially British canapés (cocktail bangers and mash, et al.), the relaunch had a serene atmosphere going for itself which we saw rise to excitement with a preview of the collection.
Some of my favourite pieces from the current collection were on the display and were trying to tempt me throughout the night. Einhorn understands his clientele, continuously creating cult products by concentrating on a joint passion for bespoke. Some classic pieces such as his small skull ring (below) starts in Sterling Silver at £148, and can be changed to Platinum with two brilliant Tsavorites at £2,540.
Women's jewellery under £150 from left to right: Small Skull Ring £148, Arrowhead Stud Earrings £139, Mini Pop Necklace £129.
Men's platinum Jewellery from left to right: Skull Tie & Lapel Pin £1,245, Large Arrowhead Leather Necklace £5,714, Skull Ring £15,506.
If you went and snapped some pictures be sure to use the #StephenEinhorn hashtag, and if you didn't: be sure to keep an eye on it because what's to come is amazing.

Special thanks to Stephen Einhorn, the Stephen Einhorn team, and Ant Waller.
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