Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hair Alert... and Maybe News?

(From left to right: hair at Chanel, Fendi and Prada)
Hair accessories have taken over this Autumn/Winter season, and it seemed like you couldn't get away from them during any Fashion Week. Whether you're choosing a grosgrain ribbon headband by Chanel, a ruched leather one as seen at Fendi, or a sparly crystal clip by Prada.

If you don't really know why I shared a rushed, shoddy sketch (Oh, what? Could you even tell that it wasn't professional?) of my favourite Winter looks then... Ta-dah! I have been sort of playing with the idea of doing a 5 Minute: series, since it seems to be the most requested item by far- because even when we're in a hurry/busy/lazy**, we still like to get things done. And that's cool. **No judgement here.

As a trial run, I will be doing a 5 Minute Series next week, starting with a quick way to get Winter trend ready: hair wise, and then maybe going into makeup, gearing up for the Festive Season... And, well, you get the picture.***

***No pun intended. Not. At. All.
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