Friday, 30 October 2015

Good Morning

Marina Frecchiane Talon Ring.
Song: Sidney Bechet 'Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me'

The industry has a strong, loving relationship with minimalism. Sharper, sleek designs can mean that the focus can commit fully to the quality of a garment. So when 3d printing jewellery came about, the industry rejoiced at the thought of making an item of quality and intricacies that could not have been made by using traditional methods. Then along came WonderLuk*, making Avant-Garde Digital Jewellery for 'Wonder Women', boasting an extensive list of designers, now iconic pieces, and limited edition collections.
This Talon Ring by Marina Frecchiane is made up of fused nylon particles, with the finish resembling velvet. The product's sizes start at XS through to L, for reference, I chose size XS since it hits the smallest size of my finger but it fits my ring finger (UK size K) when worn like a standard ring. Each product is made to order individually for you and is ready within two weeks.
Some pieces on my wishlist are: this Contour Loop Ring by Alessandra Antonetti in either White or Gold, a Sterling Silver Bracelet by Francis Bitonti, or maybe even try out a bespoke design.

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