Friday, 9 October 2015

Gig Guidance

As early-October nears mid, it is now official gig time. One of the questions I get asked about the most is often gig related- as in what to wear. There's no nice way to say: You will almost definitely get your outfit sticky and dirty, so dress exactly as you would to get morning coffee. Sorry. But in case you're still unsure, feel free to carry on reading- there are some more words to come.

A good jeans and blouse combination will do the trick, I rarely stray from AG Jeans, and these are one of my favourites, currently reduced from £190 to £95 at House of Fraser. As for blouses, it's always good to stick to a classic shape by Zara. Footwear-wise, these H by Hudson ankle boots are pretty much the ideal shoes. It's important to wear comfortable shoes, and that's not hard when they've got such a good heel. Boots are a good alternative to trainers, and they usually have a bit more grip, so going up stairs or trampling through sticky floors should be no problem.

So about the bag, it should be cross-body aka handsfree, and safely secured around you. A good gig bag is always good quality, and a little bit slouchy so you can throw all your knick-knacks in there while allowing you to be able to stay on the floor without hurting anyone/yourself. The bag above is sold out, but here's a similar one found in New Look.  Things you need inside, and this rarely gets mentioned because it's 'uncool', but wearing earplugs is the smartest things to do at a concert. Loss of hearing can't be replaced, but a simple solution such these disposable Fender Concert plugs, (4 pairs at £4) can prevent those long-term problems. If you love music, protect your ears- I cannot stress this enough. Optional: a Fuji instax mini is tiny, can fit anywhere and is an instant way to grab some memories. Starting from £59.99,  it doesn't hurt too much if the camera got damaged, you also wouldn't lose all your photos as you would with a disposable.

So you're leaving (or just  cold), a good scarf will protect you from the harsh elements of Wembley at midnight, this would be a good time to inject a little bit of glamour with this faux fur stole by Topshop. And a good hat will keep you from losing too much body heat when you go outside, it also helps to hide sweaty hair for all the backstage photos. (Another uncool point:) Drinking chamomile tea should be the first thing you do as soon as you get home/ the nearby Starbucks, et al., it will soothe throats, get you to sleep, and its warmth will even cushion the post-concert blues.

Have a good night! x

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