Wednesday, 26 August 2015

With Memories

All necklaces are vintage, unlabelled, or have been gifted; the rings are all from different Spanish markets; the charm bracelet is a present and a DIY of my mother's heart shaped pendants throughout the years, and made by my Aunt.

I just recently went back home, and got my childhood jewellery back. It's so surreal to think about the nature in which each piece was received to make a memory. Long stories abominably short, above, you can see the silver crescent moon necklace my mother gave me as I turned ten, as my first year in an unfamiliar country. The 'A' necklace, I begged her for after stumbling across Carrie Bradshaw's Carrie necklace, and before realising that Ana Karina is too long a name to wear without it looking like a "bulletproof chest-plate", that necklace was worn everyday for eight years under my school uniform, and has still to be cleaned. The angel necklace was given to me by my Grandmother (aka G-diddy), for my quinceañero. Although even through my careful planning and meetings with locales- I wasn't to have a party, instead a surprise ski trip (my first time) was in order, and I had the best time in Chamonix.

The rest? Well, there are so many more stories and they're all intertwined, much like the box of chains that have yet to be untangled. Later gators. 
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