Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Fresh Take

As Deborah Lippmann releases the perfect nude, I'm here to give you four polishes you need.
(From left to right)
Tom Ford Smoke Red, O.P.I It's a Girl!, Revlon Spirit, Deborah Lippmann She Wolf.

Tom Ford created the quintessential red polish by mixing two classic shades and came out winning. And there's a reason as to why it's a classic. Red, and its many shades are flattering to all skin colours. It tops off every outfit you own, and even gives it life. Feeling confused about your vibe? Red is the most versatile colour and can be worn to convey any sort of look. Associate it with sultriness? Pair it with a red lipstick à la Ford- seriously, err on the side of caution with its matchy-matchy nature. The end result veers towards polished, and classic- the reason vintage darlings love this shade so much.
To me, O.P.I is the standard nail polish. Yes, it's a fancy nail polish and it is quite pricy- but chill,  it's good quality. A baby-pink shade is the classy pastel, and the perfect way to transition into Spring. And as the year goes on, it makes your tan pop. Pastels have been around for a while, but this season brings a more vibrant look. Brighter hues are a great way to jump into the modernist trend, and give your look a sleek finish.
Revlon makes semi-opaque, creamy polishes. The colour Spirit has been used in multiple runway shows and epitomises the white nail trend. As summer comes, so do the denim cut-offs and minimal-esque silhouettes in utilitarian fabrics and neutral colours. Like your staple white tee, white nails go with everything.
Deborah Lippmann creates gorgeous colours, her shades appeal to your feminine side and makes every day glamorous. Her new colour She Wolf is a dark taupe that borders on grey and has a pink tint to it. In other words, it has every shade in it to make sure that it works for you. This is a new take on the nude trend. The new colouring shows a grown up side to nude, but don't worry, it still elongates your fingers.

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