Friday, 26 June 2015

Introducing Lyla Loves

Today, I'm introducing you to Lyla Loves, one of my favourite online jewellery shops from the UK. One thing you'll notice about them is their unique pieces. As someone who exclusively wears delicate pieces, I was lucky enough to get some sample goodies before these pieces went up on their website.
The items arrived in a pink envelope with the Lyla Loves logo and two watermark stickers. The parcel came with a personalised hand written note card to you from Lyla. Each item is individually wrapped and held in place by an elastic binder to prevent any damage.
The pieces are so pretty, the blue cord is doubled up to support a matte gold metallic bar. The cord thread makes it perfect for stacking, or even just using it for a pop of colour.
The orange bracelet is a beautiful summer piece, it's a delicate gold bangle wrapped in a burnt orange thread, its fastening is a feature in itself: a dainty gold chain hangs from one side to another and finishes in a small orange tassel.

Liked the pieces? Shop them by clicking on the individual item links below.

Blue Cord Bar Bracelet £3.00*
Orange Cord Wrapped Tassel Bracelet £4.80*

Lyla Loves ships worldwide, gives free domestic shipping on orders over £15, and free international shipping on orders over £20.

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