Saturday, 27 June 2015

Back to Backless

It's very easy to get into a winter rut, one of the most popular questions in my inbox is "how to dress in winter without going the jumper and leggings route". It's pretty easy to get lazy and unmotivated at this time of year, so I try to incorporate some colour into my wardrobe, or think of a new way to wear the items that are in rotation.
Shein shirt (worn backwards), Zara Men scarf, Zara belt, Lyla Loves* bracelet.
Navy is one way to incorporate colour into your wardrobe during winter. So instead of going through the usual cable knit jumper and -ahem- jeggings, route, I get creative with some things, like this shirt from Shein- formerly, and wear it backwards, along with a bow made from my boyfriend's skinny scarf.


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