Saturday, 23 May 2015

SS15 Beauty Must Haves

 The fluctuation between the hot temperatures and sun damage can make your skin rougher. Hydration is the main thing I rely on throughout the summer. Water, coconut water, and green tea (full of anti-oxidants, great to help shed tough damaged skin cells) are great to cool down your body temperature, and keep skin healthy; but sometimes you need some outside help, or even the help of a device. Since SS15 is creeping up, here are a couple of my favourite beauty products to get your skin glowing and summer friendly.

Lucid cleansing brush from Magnitone.*
The cleansing and exfoliation brush is travel friendly with its wireless travel charger. It is suitable for sensitive skin, with two modes: Deep Clean and Gentle. The brush has 10,000 Pulsed Oscillations per minute and promises clearer skin in just seven days. Skin brightness is guaranteed in just one minute a day, just use its built in timer for dewy clean skin.
The Magnitone Lucid range comes in four different colours: Dazzling Blue, Plush Pink, Sunshine Yellow, and Aqua Green. Is fully waterproof, has two different modes, and can be used with existing moisturisers.

I get mine from Zest Beauty  for its free samples and free UK shipping. (on orders over £15) #zestmusthaves. This is a great product as it resurfaces and brightens the skin, this is something I use as a night time repair system after using the lucid cleansing brush from Magnitone.

Oil Garden Aromatherapy has some amazing Rose Water which is one of my all time favourite products. I use it as a toner and apply it straight out of the shower. It helps to tone, purify, and hydrate skin throughout the day. I use this product all year round, and place it in the fridge in the summer for the ultimate cool-down product.

Live CRUDE is an American brand of holistic essentials, with a rang to give your skin a complete overhaul. Their everyday oil is my secret weapon to wake up dull skin. Their products are suitable for all skin types, and their FAQ page matches their items to your skin. The Everyday oil is only US$16, and the whole Starter Kit retails at US$45 and contains the Everyday Oil, a Detox Mask, and three pull cloths.

The Pure Bronze Dark Instant Tanning Lotion by PureTAN is suitable for dark skin tones of all skin types. I have dark skin and it's super easy for me to get a tan but I'm also in my twenties and I don't want to damage my skin or age it prematurely. It takes very little time to apply, it's called instant because you can tan and shower in one hour (so no more stained bedsheets). It is moisture based so you can moisturise your skin as you tan. It glides on so there's little chance of a tanning mishap, you can even layer it on for a deeper golden tan.

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