Thursday, 21 May 2015

On the Catwalk- Westminster University

As a Westminster Graduate, I have a lot of love for some of these designs. Check out the pictures below for Wesminster's class of 2015.
The rainbow hues were revealed through a use of clever layering. Vivid ribbon edges lined every outfit for an eye-popping effect. Bright tights mimicked trims, as they shone through strappy heels. The breakthrough items were the multicolored oversized sleeveless trench, and the mustard, black and red biker waistcoat. The oversized sleeveless trench adds instant chic points and makes everything look more put together. The biker waistcoat was used to mute the outfit, but would be the perfect addition to enhance an otherwise plain jeans and t-shirt outfit.

Probably the one to watch with Margiela-esque raw edges and miles of luxe fabrics strutted down the runway. With two parts fashionista on their gap year and one part beetlejuice to complete the aesthetic, the coats were on the wishlist of every minimalist. 

Working Out Barbie’s 90s club wear. It was delicious, pleasant and fun. Initially perceived as girly, the sheer amounts of craftsmanship on the textured items were superb.

A collection of grey-paletted Hey Arnold! As an Oliver Twist street urchin. The knitwear, hoodies and denim made it look like the younger brother of the show before last.

Gorgeous luxe natural fabrics were used to make Frida’s oversized modest officewear in a small range of warm hues.

The new sports luxe. Classic white shirts, neon, and capes as active wear were on the menu. An utterly incredible collection.

The collection was consisted of New York style pieces in a muted palette and beautiful silhouettes in cracked paint and cherry blossoms.

A royal look of feathers and a smart take on asymmetry and suiting. 

Candy coloured interesting silhouettes. Textures looked as though they were seen through a magnifying glass.

Oversized camel coats to crush on in a neutral colour scheme. The collection for the chic traveller.

Body-con exotics and PU to celebrate a woman’s figure. The overall look was incredibly sexy, with beautiful watercolour that was almost overlooked at first glance.

Asymmetric 60s pop-culture came through with shapes that rival Excel charts.

World traveller. Exquisite frills and textures to show off beautiful vibrant colours.

Expertly designed necklines shine through the white royal frills.

Asymmetric and Elizabethan. The fabrics are luxurious and the colours complement each other beautifully. The dedication to corsetry and vintage silhouettes was apparent in the designs.

An ode to London’s Punk scene was what the show was waiting for. Paint splattered furious red roared on PU jackets and distressed hems.

Loose threads were used to create running wet paint on colourful garments. Basics were revamped with leather strips.

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